Sorry, there are no open calls for submissions at the moment.

Working on the print and online release of our issue #3, Legends: stay tuned!

‘Write the City’ focuses on urban fiction, non-fiction and fantasy; traditional legends and myths; cross cultural fiction and the migrating aspects of culture. If you are an author with a migrant background or if you are an author writing in any “minority” language, feel free to send us your work, regardless of the place in the globe you live in: we aim to help all works and languages surpass borders.

The magazine is run on voluntary work, for which we have no monetary reward for the writers. Nonetheless, help us grow with your work and develop in order to give writers more opportunities.

All submissions should be sent using the Submission Form

All submissions are preferred to be translated into English, but works can also be considered if not translated.

We accept poetry, short stories and longer works by chapters. Please pay attention to the following guidelines, since they are vital for your work to be assessed.


  • 50 lines maximum per poem
  • Up to 3 poems

Short stories:

  • 2 000 words maximum per story
  • Up to 3 short stories per submission

Series (novels by chapters) and longer stories:

  • Please send the 3 first chapters of your work
  • Keep in mind that your work must be at least 80% finished to be accepted for publication.

Each submission can be accompanied by a photo or any other piece of visual art that makes direct reference to the text.

Submissions must be sent in word files (.doc, .docx, .odt) and images must be in JPG or PNG just to show what they mean to the work, better quality images can be sent afterwards.

All submissions will be assessed by an Editorial Board who will judge on the works impartially (name of the author will be hidden). We will contact the authors regardless of the verdict of the Editorial Board after two weeks from the submission date.

Authors can submit as many times as they wish, regardless of the result of their previous submissions. However, please take into account that the publications of works by the same author will be spread over time, to allow other authors to participate.

If you submit your work to another magazine, please let us know, so as to consider it in the submission process and continue accordingly.


The section called “Melting Pot” was created for giving a space for more journalistic articles in the topics of culture, migrant culture, and many other topics related to literature, arts and migration, including book reviews, artistic events reviews and opinions.

If there is an specific topic you would like to write about, or the coverage of any kind of cultural event in your city, or the opinion on cultural and artistic matters that might give us all a deeper knowledge of the topic, feel free to send it to us.


Submissions must be original work and the author mus have all copyrights. Take into account that by submitting to the magazine, you give first publication rights, reprint rights (in cases of anthologies) and electronic archival rights, although the author retains copyright upon publication. You also agree to acknowledge in any reprints.