About Us

As of January 2019, we’ve published authors and artists hailing from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, the UK, Uruguay, the US, and counting…

It all started with the voices, the migrated voices.

Two young migrated voices wishing to break through and to be heard. They struggled with the language, their new host city (Warsaw) had her language, which as beautiful as it is, it was still not for them. They sat down and thought; they perused in their brain archives and tried to find a solution.

Then it came: let’s Write The City!

They found support. They gathered an initial group of amazing migrant young writers and set off on an adventure within the city they all came to love. Together they discovered its corners and cherished its lights. They complained and felt bitter. They enjoyed it and cried. And they made Warsaw their city.

The initial plan was to give voice to those migrant writers so that they could be heard and speak of the city that they, although not Poles by birth, had started calling home. They gathered their stories and poems and put them all in a book (shown below).

Then the project grew bigger for this city is too inspiring and they are too active.

There’s the moment this online literary magazine was born. As a response for the need of migrant writers to have a place to express themselves. As a website for authors writing in any language to have a place to be read, not only by those who understand the language, but for many others beyond any geographical or language borders.

Because words go beyond borders.

Please lay back in your favourite place and read us. We have poetry and short stories, and will have longer works and novels published in instalments for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to share and spread the news; let the words travel worldwide.

If you are a young writer who migrated, or you write in a “minority” language, feel free to submit your work here.

We also have a whole section for articles related to culture, arts and diversity. Take a look, and also feel free to contribute with your texts.

We thank you for joining our trip and invite you to keep a keen eye on what we publish and to follow us on Facebook and / or on Instagram.

Read you soon,

The Write The City Editors

The Editorial Team:

Vlad Guzman – Editor in chief.

Lorenzo Berardi – Editor and translator coordinator.

Snizhana Chernetska – Artwork and social media manager.

Contact us at: writethecitymag@gmail.com